Majestic Software Q400 Model

MJC8 Q400 is a Flight Simulator addon, built after the Bombardier ™ Dash-8 Q400 turboprop aircraft. It has started as a software framework for the FNPT level flight simulator and later separated into an independant project, which provides essentially the full cockpit simulator features under the desktop simulator's framework.

In addition, to the advanced simulation of the aircraft systems, this product also contains an independent Flight Dynamics Engine (FDE), capable of running at a much higher rate than the default simulator FDE, and free of the inherent problems pertaining to the default aircraft flight dynamics. Our Flight Dynamics is capable of providing the realistic wind simulation, icing effects, enhanced propeller physics including the propeller discing and auto rotation, effects of the propeller airstream on the wing lift and the icing effects on the propeller, wings and the flight surfaces.

This is the model I intend to use for my home cockpit. Right now I'm running the Pro Edition until the Training version will be availible.

The product is packaged into 3 editions, differentiating in the price and the included features. For more information on the precise differences between the editions, visit the majestic Software Product page.