An exciting week for the project!

Barriers are broken, hardware showed up and the APU is working. A lot happened in the project this week. Here is a short resume.

First of all I have to say that I'm learning new things every day. Things I thought where hard turns out to be quite easy and visa versa. Even with my lack of knowledge on electronics I start to get quite optimistic on behalf of the project.

I always knew that connecting toggle switches through Leo Bodnar should be easy, and since I have used SPAD.neXt on my first cockpit, I was confident that that should work out fine.

Connecting the Korry like switches on the other hand - I had no clue. Last week I ordered an Led controller board from Ultimarc and some female jumper connectors to see if I got the LED's to light up. I did and imidiatly got in touch with Ulrich at

About 3 hours later the board was implemented in and I could start programming the APU. The programming was very easy and it took me about 10 minutes to get everything working. Amazing!

I also started producing knobs for the overhead rotary switches. Some weeks ago I bought an second hand 3D printer. I got this working and are printing out knobs as we speak. The quality is what you can expect for a cheap 3D printer, but with some afterwork the knobs will be quite alright actually.

Another big thin this week is that I ordered my aluminum overhead frame from my local blacksmith. He will start working on this in the coming week. I really look forward to start getting the panels in place. That will make it easier to start connect panels permanently

The last thing i want to mention is that i ordered some 4 dollar dim boxes from China. The reason I did this is that I can take out the potentiometer and the card from these dimboxes. I did a small test for my self, and i thin this will be the perfect solution for controlling the backlghting in the panel. I will get back to you we more information on this

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  • andrea


    09 September 2016 at 14:48 | #

    hello, (My email is written with lowercase letters)
    first truly compliments for the work you've done

    I am also interested in making a home cockpit of Dash8, have a civilian pilot and I have the PRO version of the majestic dash8 q400 program that I really did well. I of questions to ask you if I may:
    how do you interface the commands of the majestic PRO program with potentiometers switch, etc.? also I have the cards leo bodnar BUO836X but with FSUIPC macro mouse I can not program the commands, how did you? and if you could tell me how you did it?
    I saw that in addition to the cards LEO BODNAR uses another PACLED 64, and this card'for both input and output?
    I would be grateful if I could answer, 'cause I too feel the TRAINING version of the majestic (that seems made for cockpit home) but who knows when it will be released on the market, if the PRO version, and' possible to interface the command could start building My home cockpit.
    I await your advice.

  • Tony


    20 September 2016 at 08:55 | #

    wow This is a really impressive start you've made.

    I've got a bunch of FIP's, 2 radio panels , switch panels etc but I've not got any custom hardware although in the past I've used arduinos and custom boards to similar effect.

    I've got a PACLED 64 and I'm looking at getting some LEO BODNAR cards and building my own helicopter collective - but I need to get my 3D printer working more reliably first.

    I've been holding off on getting the PRO version of the Q400 until the Trainer comes out as I thought the Trainer might interface to SPAD easier but I might just buy the PRO now.

    Andrea, do you use SPAD.Next ? You might want to check it out, it's a great addition for flight sim fans :)

    • andrea


      20 September 2016 at 15:16 | #

      hello tony
      no I've never used, indeed not even know existed, I used always FSUIPC and I'd like to know if SPAD.Next and 'better than FSUIPC with FSUIPC I was not able to interface no command of Dash8 PRO that I